Trasportation & Logistics

Webtunix for Transportation & Logistics

Webtunix is one of the worlds leading AI and machine learning platforms. We support organizations in handling their data by collaboratively, elastically and responsibly using artificial intelligence at enterprise level. Certainly, Webtunix for transportation & Logistics can bring transformational changes in your business.


A Glimpse on AI Use Cases in Transportation & Logistics Sector:

Robots & AI

AI capably accumulates knowledge based on human decisions, makes sound decision and interacts well with humans. AI enables automation in the industry that adds efficiency in results.

Warehouse Management

ML's significant forecasting features can being improvement in the warehouse management processes. Likewise, AI is capable of analyzing big datasets without any human errors.

Predictive Maintenance

AI can warn you about the potential risks and breakdowns. Also, all the information related to accumulation of failures, statistics can help you schedule repairs timely as and when required.

Route & Yield Optimization

AI analyzes the existing routes, work on track route optimization and improve the following ones. AI understands the precise elements of inventory exploit them to maximum efficiency & boost your revenue.


How we help you?

We enable an easy to use way for all the technicians, analysts, managers and data scientists to interact with data. Moreover, AI works on data handling, refining the raw data and creating a predictive model from it. We assist you with the wonders of AI in Supply Chain Planning & Workforce Planning in which massive datasets and processes can be analyzed with perfection. AI simplifies the processes and brings reliable solutions to make systems more efficient. Not just that, our experts skilfully connect the data centrally and seamlessly (in whatever form it is or location it is), as well. By this, we mean that we organize the structured or unstructured data, refine it to make it useful and worthwhile for you.